Subsidy Eligibility Estimator (SEE)


Subsidy Eligibility Estimator Results:

Estimate was completed on 2022/05/07 for a family with one child under 18 living at home.
The family is supported by two people with a combined annual net income of 30000, living in southern Manitoba.
Total Estimated
Cost of Care
Estimated amount
paid by subsidy
Estimated amount
paid by the family
For a single 4 week period60052575
ChildrenCare needed
infant (1)Child Care Centre, 4 to 10 hours a day, 5 days each week

The information provided by you may not include all your income and deductions nor fully reflect your family circumstances. Because of that, the actual child care subsidy amount for your family may be different from the amount calculated by the Estimator. This is especially true for families who require care for children with disabilities and/or emotional/behaviour needs.

To receive the most accurate information about your eligibility for child care subsidy, please submit a subsidy application online, via mail or on site in our office. More information about how to submit a subsidy application is available online at